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Air conditioner capacitor_how to judge good or bad|focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-23
The air conditioner was nicknamed by netizens as the greatest invention in human history. Its appearance helped people get rid of the summer heat and gave countless indoor workers a comfortable coolness. With the development of the times, air conditioners have completely entered people’s lives. Whether in rural or urban areas, most residents in China will install air conditioners in their homes. The fiery air conditioner market will naturally give birth to countless business opportunities, such as electronic components for air conditioners. Devices, air-conditioning capacitors are very popular and have good business opportunities in the market. So how do we judge the quality of air-conditioning capacitors? Is there any way to judge it? The method to judge the quality of the air conditioner capacitor is as follows: ①The most direct and simplest method of the air conditioner capacitor: connect it directly with 220V alternating current, you can connect one pole first, and touch the other capacitor pin with the other power cord. If there is an obvious small spark when touched, you can be sure that the capacitor is charged, which means that the capacitor is not broken. ②The analog multimeter can also be used to measure the capacitance of the digital meter. If you use an analog multimeter, generally use the R×1K file, and connect the test leads to the two poles of the capacitor respectively. At this time, the pointer of the multimeter will swing and then slowly return to or near the zero position. Such a capacitor is good. The larger the capacity of the capacitor, the longer the charging time, and the slower the pointer swings in the 00 direction. If the resistance value displayed by the pointer does not move after it is connected, it is certain that the air conditioner capacitor is broken. ③Detection of digital multimeter. Check with a digital multimeter, set the digital multimeter to the appropriate resistance range, and the red and black test leads respectively touch the two poles of the air conditioner capacitor under test. At this time, the displayed value will gradually increase from 000 until the overflow symbol '1' is displayed. If 000 is always displayed, it means that the capacitor is short-circuited. If it always shows overflow, it may be an open circuit between the capacitors, or the selected resistance file is not suitable. Well, today I have shared the methods for judging the quality of air-conditioning capacitors. As a senior domestic capacitor production and sales expert, Shenmao Capacitor has been exporting high-quality and high-quality capacitor materials to the market. If you have any questions about air-conditioning capacitors or want to negotiate business cooperation, you can contact the customers on our webpage. We will give you support and reply as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will cooperate and communicate. For your arrival.
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