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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor failure analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-11-06
Failure define the definition of aluminum electrolytic capacitor failure, please consider the following two forms. Short circuit? The capacitor functions such as open circuit completely lost situation, also is the significant failure ( 灾难性的失败) Is one and the other one is the capacitance characteristic gradually degradation failure, namely degradation failure ( Degradation) 。 Degradation failure is depending on the intended use of the equipment and machine fault judgement standard is also different. 1) Short circuit in the market although short circuit is very rare, if a short circuit happened because the electrodes such as vibration, impact, due to the above the rated voltage of overvoltage, excessive ripple current, pulse current, insulation failure cause short circuit between electrodes. 2) Open circuit when install the capacitor in the base slab of excessive force, putting undue vibration in use? Shock situation, break a contact terminal with TAB in unstable state be open state. Wash the base board of detergent and fixed with fixative chloride series capacitance material immersed corrosion to the capacitance conductor and TAB open state. Temperature used in the high temperature, in more than category from the heating element near the thermal by copper foil substrate transfer, due to the use for a long time makes the sealing material aging, sealing the air tightness of lose, electrolyte scatter into open circuit state. With excessive ripple current capacitance due to the internal temperature rise of electrolyte gas, through the sealing of electrolyte materials into dry into open circuit state. 3) Of big capacity to reduce loss to add reverse voltage, continue to exert more than permissible ripple current current situation, or when used in ultra charge-discharge, electrostatic capacity reduction, loss increase. 4) Open valve add reverse voltage, over voltage, ripple, ac capacitance inside before and after the gas internal pressure rise also have open valve.
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