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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor life estimation formula

by:Shenmao     2020-11-03

I work in capacitor industry more than ten years, people often ask me how actual service life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, today I'll give you a detailed explain here, hope to be able to help you. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor life calculation formula: L: capacitor estimate life ( We want to know) L0: nominal maximum environmental temperature and service life of the rated working voltage ( Provided by the manufacturer, different models have different) The highest temperature T0: capacitor center allowed ( Provided by the manufacturer, different models have different) T: the actual use of capacitor core temperature ( Need to measure or by ripple calculations) W。 V: rated voltage ( V) ( A capacitor surface will have a logo) V: 'actual operating voltage ( V) ( This does not need to explain) In order to facilitate everybody understanding, I'll give you an example: example: 400 v3300uf CD135 capacitor, actual working voltage 200 v, 60 ℃, environment temperature were measured after superposition ripple capacitor center temperature 70 ℃, and under the condition of the condenser practical estimate life? Check first by manufacturer samples, the model can be obtained capacitance L0 = 4000 h, T0 = 90 ℃ in the above formula result is: under the working voltage 200 v environment temperature 60 ℃, the capacitors life estimation can be up to 90509 hours. The above formula is the present domestic most of the capacitor manufacturer use, maybe you will doubt L0, T0 numerical manufacturer is determined by what, if can you ask such a question, is a sign that you are already very good at thinking, work is also very serious; Actually this value accurately, an experimental result value, it is through a large number of experiments and get, and not just copy or racquet head can want to come out, so we in the choice of capacitor, suggest or should choose to have the brand guarantee companies. Another calculation method about the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, Europe and the United States of some manufacturers also have a plenty of through the thermal resistance calculation.
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