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【 Application 】 ShenMao capacitance 90 w Nekteck USB PD quick charge and dismantling

by:Shenmao     2021-01-01
ShenMao electronic subsoil 36 years, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry for aluminium electrolytic capacitor on the power supply application has the rich production experience and some application examples. Today, we share a story about a 90 w Nekteck USB PD fast appliances dismantling of the article. ( Note: this article material and pictures from the 充电头网】 Related teardown report) nekteck 90 w usb pd充电器支持9 v, 5 v, 12 v, 15 v, 20 v五个电压输出现,难保且充电器通过协整架会认证,相容性有保证,基本上可以适用于市面99%基础归于usb pd协商性充电笔试书电脑快充,应用广广泛。 Nekteck 90 w USB PD charger inside neat, protect the anti-interference measures in place, internal with NXP a full range of power solutions, support for active power factor correction, can improve the power factor and improve the conversion efficiency; 该步整流进一次级步提效率高,出口方面招聘转而会谈ic,负责会谈和多种保护功能。 Products in addition to materials standards, also used a lot of the injecting auxiliary heat and thermal conductivity, very conscience of the work. A, fast Nekteck 90 w USB PD was appliances appearance Nekteck 90 w USB PD charger using larger aircraft box packaging, the front, the white cover and stamped with the appearance of the product pictures, can learn from the pictures, the charger comes with a sealed, USB - c充电线。 炮装盒背面印语句产品参数,性能等资的确,难保有ul认证路标和usb if协会的路标,usb- if协会的标识为注册商标,只通过认证产品才能使用。 充电器为招聘纯假面材质机,主要针对身体部分呈方块,正面为磨砂处理,筑有比较细腻的手感,边缘部分呈微微斜面,招聘钢琴烤漆工业艺,右下角性位置为“nekteck”logo。 nekteck这款充电器采用可折叠叠的插脚设计,是美规ac插脚部署。 Name of charger: Wall Type C 90 w Adapter. Product model: HKA09020045 - 2 u,进口:100 - 240 v ~ 2, 50/60Hz; 出口:9 v / 5 v / 3 a、3 a、15 20 v / v / 3 a, 4。 5A。 充电器满脚vi级功能生效,已经过度了ul认证和usb- if协会认证。 Using ChargerLAB POWER - z kt001检测这款充电器的pdo报文,显示支持9 v / 5 v / 3 a、3 a、15 v / 12 v / 3 a, 3 a, 20 v / 4。 5 a五组电压档位,比标准称参非独了12 v输出,初版为usb继续协商。 0. 继续检测其他快充会谈,显示仅支持usb dcp会谈。 由于产产品需求过度usb pd认证,所以无法务大臣容其他快充会谈。 Second, fast Nekteck 90 w USB PD was appliances dismantling along the charger shell in the middle of the weld will be split in two, shell adopts PC flame retardant materials; Internal PCBA module is covered by a metal heat sink all-round. Pull down the outer plastic insulation board, PCB daub is on the back a large amount of thermal conductive silicone. Remove the silica gel, visible PCB primary side has a master control chip, from NXP TEA1755T of pu and integrated APFC controller. Three light EL1019 light coupling, used in voltage feedback, over-current and other protective functions. Positive main PCBA module for the plug-in components, inside filled with white silica gel, used in fixed components, and have the effect of heat dissipation. 进口端设有安规x电容,延时保险丝,emi消除电路等。 With some filter at the input, rectifier and other components. 侧面设有整流桥、共模电感,薄膜电容等,右侧是apfc上升压电感。 APFC next to boost inductance have a core technology of MOS, SW15N50, used in APFC booster. 浦东一方的mos管为主要开关管,东芝tk13a65u。 初级滤波招聘一颗来自koshin申茂420 v 82μf铝电解电容。 初级滤波电容响遍边还两颗小电容语句,其中一个颗为koshin申茂100 v 6。 8μF。 出口滤波设有一颗电解电容和一颗固态电容并联。 It's next to the transformer rectifier MOS tube and a secondary synchronization. 两颗y电容置于联,用归于出口抗干扰。 AC pins and dismantling. Apart completely.
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