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【 Application 】 ShenMao capacitance The global minimum 30 w 1 a1c intelligent fast charging car charger and dismantling

by:Shenmao     2020-12-31
ShenMao electronic subsoil 36 years, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry for aluminium electrolytic capacitor on the power supply application has the rich production experience and some application examples. Today, we share a story about global minimum 30 w 1 a1c intelligent fast charging car charger and dismantling. * the original ZhangCai since 【 充电头网】 Teardown report 1300 * for dismantling of mini car charger, metal by CSL kaida technology production. Product has a TAB and built-in LED lamp, very small fine. 续回收分钟为1 a1c和双c口两种目光供客人户选择,难保猫支持全会谈,电压档位齐桥全,可爱以很好上为各类设备进行充电。 A, 1 a1c car charger appearance this car charger using cylinder modelling design, top fuselage shell by insulation plastic shell and the main body of two part of the metal shell, electroplating processing technology on main body, with dark gray and other colors. 背面标注车充性参数资的确进口:dc - 12 24VUSB- a出口:4。 5 v / 5 a, 5 v / 4。 5、9 v / 3 12 v / 2。 5AUSB- c出口:5 v / 2。 4、9 v / 3一个12 v / 2。 5、15 v / 2、20 v / 1。 5 a出口日本内阁总理:5 v / 4。 8 a产品已经通过了ce, fcc认证认证和rohs认证。 出口顶面配语句1 a1c两个介面,usb- C mouth black rubber core not dew copper, USB - Port A orange rubber core. 续回收设计了一个收放拉环,有悖于用户取车充; Built-in LED indicator light. 身高比度一元硬币直径还要长些车充电机。 车充净重约为20 g。 使用数学为进口汽车充24 v电源,模拟真正实车载环境,使用chargerlab power- z kt002检测usb- a口出口协议,显示支持苹果2。 4 a、三星5 v / 2 a, dcp会谈,以及qc2。 0/3. afc, fcp scp多枚快充会谈。 它们使用kt002检测发现usb- C mouth also supports the Apple 2. 4、三星5 v / 2、DCP, QC2。 0/3. afc, fcp scp这些会谈。 二、1 a1c车充拆解汽车充进口端外壳采用螺纹设计。 将顶外部壳拆掉即可爱取出pcb板,负极弹片和电感之间他驱赶圈塑胶质板进行隔离。 Bat positive view, two capacitance coat insulating tube, USB - C mother coat metal shell. The board is an inductance on the back. 经过转帐资金pcb板立公园正背面路上有一发现,车充电路设计非常精简,招聘一颗内置协议的降压ic控制双口出口,功率智能分配架结构。 Let's start from the input one by one to understand the components of the information. Melting SW3519 car charger master control chip USES the think tank. SW3519 is A high level of integration of how fast the double mouth filling agreement charging chip, support A + C mouth any recent output, support duplex independent current limit. Its integration with 5 a synchronous buck converter with high efficiency, the built-in switch tube, save a space. 内置电荷泵,可驱动nmos作为vbus开关管。 Support AFC/FCP of PPS/PD/QC / / SCP/PE/SFCP wait for a variety of quick charge agreement, CC/CV mode, and the double management logic. Around only a small number of devices, how fast can form a complete high-performance double mouth filling agreement charging solution. 两颗固语态电容特写,由申茂电子提供导电性高分子固语态电容,规格分类是25 v 100μf和35 v 47μf,反反复复用归于进口和出口滤波懂事。 出口vbus开关来自adamant砹德曼半导,身体型号ad30k35d3,耐压30 v,导阻9。 4mΩ。 懂事两个介面焊接在各位两面,节省空间。 USB - C coat metal shell support more solid. USB - A mother patch welding. Apart completely.
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