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Article 9 the matters needing attention in the process of aluminum electrolytic capacitors used

by:Shenmao     2020-11-04
1) Dc aluminum electrolytic capacitor should be used in the correct polarity when dc aluminum electrolytic capacitor according to the reverse polarity connection electric circuit, the capacitor will lead to electronic short circuit, the resulting current will cause damage of capacitor, if the circuit may be negative lead anode voltage applied, please choose non-polarity products. 2) Under the rated working voltage effect when capacitor on the voltage higher than the rated working voltage, the capacitor leakage current will rise, its electrical properties will be deterioration within short time until the damage. Please note that the voltage peak do not exceed the rated working voltage. 3) For the use of fast charging and discharging when conventional capacitor is for the use of quick charge. Its service life may decrease due to capacity, temperature rise sharply reduced 4) Capacitor storage after the aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the long-term storage, the leakage flow often rise, the higher the storage temperature, the faster the leakage current increase, so should pay attention to the choice of storage environment, after the capacitor on the voltage, leakage current value will continue to decline, in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current value rise have a bad effect on circuit, please charge before use. 5) Applying ripple current should be less than after the rating of the rating on ripple current, will cause the capacitor body overheating, capacity drops, shorten service life. Imposed by peak should be less than the rated working voltage ripple current. 6) The service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor using the environment temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature. According to science, the use of environmental decline in 10 ℃ 1 times its service life. 7) Lead strength when pulling force applied to the capacitor lead, the tension will be effect within the capacitor and this will lead to internal short circuit, open circuit or capacitor leakage current rise. In capacitor welding to the circuit board, please do not strong shaking capacitor 8) Heat resistant aluminum electrolytic capacitor is installed to the PCB welding process for welding or wave soldering, the plastic casing to be due to the welding time is too long, a breakdown or secondary shrinkage temperature was too high. 9) Circuit board installed in the distributed distance and location design of PCB mounting holes should be consistent with product specifications lead foot distance, if the capacitor is forcibly inserted into the hole distance does not form a complete set of the circuit board, so there will be used for lead stress, which will result in a short-circuit or leakage current rise.
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