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Article read new material industry and the layout!

by:Shenmao     2021-01-04
At present, the worldwide are actively developing new materials, especially the developed countries, because the new material is one of the key areas of international competition, is decided to a country's high-end manufacturing and the key factor for national security. Basis in terms of the structure of materials, advanced materials, accounted for 49% of the total output value of the key strategic accounts for 43% of the total output value of the material, the 3 d printing materials, graphene, emerging industries such as superconducting technology breakthrough unceasingly, at the forefront of new materials has increased, the proportion of 8%. 8 trillion yuan, by 2019 China's new materials industry output value has been increased to 4. At present, the new material industrial agglomeration effect obviously, from the pursuit of a lot to high-grade transition, Beijing, shenzhen, Shanghai, suzhou has become a domestic four nano materials research and development and production base; The beijing-tianjin region, Inner Mongolia baotou, ganzhou in jiangxi province and ningbo in zhejiang province has become the main production base of rare earth ndfeb material; 武汉、长春、广州、厦门成为光电新材料主要产业基地。 Despite China's new materials industry achieved rapid development, enter the material power again, but compared with the requirement of high quality development exist obvious short board and deficiency, embodied in the overall excess production capacity, product structure unreasonable, the high-end application field is not fully achieve self-sufficiency, innovation ability is not prominent. 2 layout of China's new materials industry development of new material industry in China has formed the development of the cluster model, basic formed in bohai sea, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta as the axis, industrial cluster distribution of the northeast, Midwest, outstanding features, the regional materials industry development and spatial distribution has its advantages, each has its characteristics. 2015 - Funds set up multiple new material industry in China in 2018.
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