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Audio Capacitor: the master key for listeners or enthusiasts|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-12
Many people may not be familiar with audio capacitors, but for some capacitor enthusiasts, all kinds of capacitors will be reported one by one. At present, there are many brands of audio capacitors in the market, and there are many types. Some of them are second-hand goods. For some beginners, they will be at a loss and don't know where to start. Different brands of capacitors have completely different sense of hearing when used. For music players, the types of capacitor brands that need to be used in different occasions are also completely different. It is said that some beginners are shopping in some flea markets. In fact, it is not necessary for beginners to use expensive capacitors, let alone whether they can afford it, and more importantly, only use some first. Comparing basic audio capacitors, you can understand what kind of capacitors are more suitable for what occasions after fully understanding its characteristics. For example, Sibi’s VQ capacitors are quite good. They have a soft, soft sound, and give people a shiny sound. They can be extended well in high-frequency sounds, and they are fluffy but flexible in low-frequency sounds. , There will be a more traditional feeling. This kind of capacitor is more suitable for listening to the cello or life. If you don't know enough about capacitors, you can use them in inappropriate places, no matter how good or expensive capacitors are, they won't be able to show its characteristics. There are many capacitors in the market with moderate price and good performance and parameters. For example, Weimar is also one of the good choices. Many audio capacitor enthusiasts say that Wima is a master key, which can be used to top it when you don’t know what capacitor to use, but in fact, ERO is also a universal product, especially when you don’t know when you are grinding. You can use the ERO capacitor to try what kind of capacitor you should choose. Although the effect is not necessarily the best when it can be used, it can be better, because the resolution is very high and the positioning is very precise. For example, the neutral tone will give people a touch of sweetness. , Other voices will also be very nice, male voices will also feel more dynamic, basically people can make the desired sound without much effort, so ERO is also a lot of listeners or One of the first choices of enthusiasts.
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