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Audiophiles' choice of audio capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-03-17
Many audiophiles like to assemble their own audio equipment, but do not know how to choose the capacitor in the audio, whether the capacitor can meet the matching, and the best expression of the sound of the high, middle and low frequency bands has been plagued by many The problem of music lovers. The input power of the power amplifier should be said that each unit is equivalent, but it is related to the impedance and sensitivity received by each unit.The speaker is the same as the water pipe. The same water pipe delivers water to the three large, medium and small pipes, but which of them Replace the pipe with one that is bigger than the middle one (called the middle and large pipe), so that the water in the large pipe will be more than that of the medium and large pipe! The speaker and the water pipe are the same thing! For example, a treble string 2.2 is still the original The high-pitched sound that comes out. A midrange string 4.7 is changed to 6.8, then the mid-range will be a little louder than 4.7. Then the sound of 10 will be bigger than 6.8. The bass has no inductance. No capacitor. No resistance or the original bass Theoretically, it is believed that the sound of the midrange speaker should be louder than the original, and the woofer is lower than the original. Because of the increase in capacitance, the range of the audio signal entering the midrange is enlarged, the power distribution is also more, and the frequency band of the woofer is narrowed. The power distribution is reduced, so the sound becomes smaller. For example: when the 4.7 capacitor is connected, the audio signal below 1500Hz passes through the woofer, when the 10UF capacitor is connected, only the audio signal below 1000Hz can pass through the woofer, and the audio signal from 1000 to 1500 passes through the 10UF capacitor instead. When the mid-range speaker was put out, it was obvious that the frequency band of the original woofer was 20 to 1500 Hz, and the later was 20 to 1000 Hz. That is, the bandwidth of the original audio signal was 1480, and then it was 980. Therefore, when choosing and assembling your own audio equipment, audio enthusiasts should pay attention to the high, middle and low frequency bands of the audio, and choose the audio capacitor suitable for their audio. Don't buy blindly, and more importantly, choose good quality, otherwise it will cause great damage to the speaker and affect the service life of the speaker.
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