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Can cbb22 capacitors be replaced by cbb21 capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-04
Cbb22 capacitors can be replaced by cbb21 capacitors. The answer is yes, but if conditions permit, continue to use cbb22 capacitors and use cbb21 capacitors as little as possible. Why do you say that? The reasons for analysis are given below. Cbb21 capacitors are older than cbb22 capacitors. Unfortunately, these two specifications are not different specifications, but the same series of capacitors. The cbb22 capacitor is an upgraded version of the cbb21 capacitor. In terms of appearance and performance, both The effect of the capacitor is not big at all, but the role of the capacitor itself is not very obvious. With the passage of time, the cbb21 capacitor will be more easily damaged. The life of the cbb22 capacitor is longer than the cbb21 capacitor, so when choosing this type of capacitor , Try to choose cbb22 capacitor. As mentioned in this article, the appearance and performance of cbb22 capacitors and cbb21 capacitors are not much different, which means that someone will cheat. For example, some capacitor factories do not have production equipment to produce cbb22 capacitors, but they can produce cbb21 capacitors. Directly produce cbb21 capacitors, which are claimed to be cbb22 capacitors. Because the performance is almost the same, it is difficult to test it out. Try to choose capacitor manufacturers with strong production and Ru0026D capabilities to avoid buying replacement capacitors.
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