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Can film capacitors with poor appearance still be used?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-20
Film capacitors are one of the more commonly used capacitors. During the production process, some film capacitors will be exposed to poor appearance. Can they be used normally in the case of such film capacitors? What caused this situation? One of the common poor appearances of film capacitors is that there are many burrs. This type of capacitors are generally plug-in metal film capacitors. Generally, the appearance of the film capacitors will be a little protruding due to the process during the encapsulation stage during the production process. Acne, these burrs can be directly deducted. There is also a bad appearance of damaged film capacitors. This type of film capacitor does not have a lot of burrs in appearance, but the appearance is somewhat damaged. In this case, the film capacitor is also caused by poor encapsulation during the production process. The encapsulation is uneven, which leads to such a poor appearance. Then the film capacitor can still be used normally if the appearance is poor. The answer is that it can be used normally, but you need to think from another angle, such as a small hole in a piece of clothing, but Doesn't affect his warmth retention effect, so will you continue to choose to wear this dress? That may depend on what the situation is. If there is no choice in the special cold weather, then you may choose to put on clothes directly. These poor-looking film capacitors also have the same meaning. If the production and delivery time is relatively short, then there is no If you have a solution, you can directly choose to use film capacitors. If you have enough time, it is recommended to return to the film capacitor manufacturer and replace a batch of film capacitors with normal appearance.
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