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Can the capacitor be used without a bushing? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-04
Most of the capacitors with bushings are all aluminum electrolytic capacitors. There are also a few start-up capacitors and explosion-proof capacitors. The rest of the capacitors themselves are made of powder to form a skin structure, which is not a bushing. The tube refers to the bare state after the capacitor is produced, and other plastic shells or insulating paper are added to the capacitor to be called a capacitor sleeve. Can the capacitor be used without a sleeve? The structure of the electrolytic capacitor itself is the raw material of oil-based paper and electrolyte. If it is used directly without a bushing, the current may be directly conducted to the electrolytic capacitor itself, which will directly cause a spontaneous combustion state, leading to other elements in the circuit board. If the device is completely destroyed, if the bushing is added to effectively achieve an insulating effect, the current will not be directly conducted to the electrolytic capacitor itself, which greatly avoids this risk, and the bushing can also mark the electrolytic capacitor. Basically, it can be regarded as an act of killing two birds with one stone. The starting capacitance of the metal film capacitor and the explosion-proof capacitor may not be so important to the role of the bushing. It can be used directly with the bare state of the capacitor. Yes, it is a shell that surrounds the raw materials inside. If you add a casing, it may only increase the aesthetics and mark the identification. However, the current capacitor market also pays more attention to the aesthetics. If you can add it to the process In the case of bushings, bushings are usually added, so the electrolytic capacitors must not be used without bushings. Capacitors such as metal film can be used with confidence after confirming the use environment.
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