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Can the capacitor lead be used if it is oxidized? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-05
Capacitor oxidation generally refers to the oxidation of the capacitor in a relatively humid place. The entire capacitor is oxidized by damp. The most serious one is the lead of the capacitor. The lead of the capacitor is generally constructed of copper wire, and copper is often oxidized in a humid environment. Once the lead wire is oxidized, it will become yellow, black and rusty. After the capacitor lead is oxidized, the connection point of the capacitor is the connection between its lead and the circuit board. The inability of the lead to conduct electricity will lead to the risk of damage to the circuit board, and it may continue to conduct electricity, but the performance is greatly reduced and the capacitor's expected effect cannot be exerted. At that time, the circuit board still has the risk of breakdown due to poor capacitor effect, so these capacitors are basically scrapped. Even if the cost of rework and replacement of leads is greater than the value of the capacitor itself, the reverse operation of capacitor production is the most difficult Yes, so generally oxidized capacitors will be directly scrapped. Therefore, when purchasing capacitors, do not store them for too long. If the storage environment is not dry, it will cause the capacitor leads to oxidize. Of course, it does not matter for the soft-leaded capacitors, because the leads of such capacitors have been protected by rubber, but pay attention to the storage environment. If the factory has a plan to stock up in the near future, you can ask the capacitor manufacturer to provide a desiccant when supplying it, so that the problem of capacitor oxidation can be solved
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