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Capacitance circuit analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-12-04
Capacitance is a very difficult to make people understand device, it often makes people feel dizzy. The following is a simple summary about capacitance circuit analysis: a, capacitor series resistance of the equivalent circuit method: under the specific frequency capacitive reactance of capacitance can be equivalent to a specific resistance. B, the capacitance in the series circuit characteristics of alternating current is equal to understand method. Analysis of capacitance current flow by adopting the method of equivalent understanding, namely the understanding into alternating current directly from a pin through the capacitance of the capacitor internal flow to the other pins. This can greatly convenient capacitance circuit working principle analysis. But in fact is the discharge current is flowing through the capacitor charging circuit complete. Flow through each capacitance current equal size, that is, for each capacitor charging charge is equal. On both ends of calculating capacitance voltage is the need to pay attention to this. C, small capacitance in series circuit plays a main role in understanding method. In the series circuit, because the current flow through each capacitor is equal. So the capacity of small capacitance is full of electricity and first put the electricity. D, large capacitance in parallel circuit, capacitance plays a main role. E, large capacitance, capacitive reactance is small. To memorize and understand these features, is advantageous to the capacitance circuit analysis to understand. It's getting late, write so much! ! ! !
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