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Capacitance of the Q value, how much do you know?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-24
驻做射此时改称,选举择电触电容时特别关注其他们的q,等于那什麽是q值呢? Q what is the meaning, why is it important? Quality factor Q: characterization of an energy storage device ( 如电感线圈、电容等) ,谐振电路所储能量该每周损耗功能量之比的一种质量指标。 前件的q值愈大,用该元件组成的电路或网路选举择性愈佳。 Or Q = / active power reactive power, or the ratio of the characteristic impedance and the loop resistance. The higher the Q value, the smaller the loss, the higher the efficiency; Q value is higher, the higher the frequency stability of resonator, therefore, can be more accurate. Defines the quality factor of capacitance, Q value, also is the capacitance of the storage power loss and power than: Qc = ( 1/ωC) / esrq值对高宽带电容是比较重要的参数。 The reciprocal of Q value is equal to the D value. 损失角即d等于:一般电解电容器因为内阻较大故d值较高,其规格视电容等于高低决定,造作。 1 - 0. 24 the following. 塑胶薄膜电容器则d值较低,视其材质决定为。 001 - 0. The following 01. 陶瓷电容器视其材质决定,hi- k type及s / c type为。 025 the following. T/C type, its specification to Q value is said to be higher than 400 - 1000. Note: XC = - j/( 2πfC) ; XL=j( 2πfL) 根据损耗因可数d的定义:d = 1 / q = r / | x | & gt; 0 to plug in the previous formula, get: if leakage between electrodes can be ignored, that is, the impedance of the Rp infinity ( Or is far greater than the impedance of the relative to the capacitance value of C) 计算公式,损耗因可数d大大简化为:我们信号频率远远小归于srf谐振此时率,则x c & gt;> X L, namely X L can be ignored, it further simplify the formula mentioned above: the figure shown, the capacitor lead inductance would reduce with the increase of frequency and the characteristics of the capacitor. 我们引线电感与实时,电容器的电容谐振这将会产串联谐振生一个,使日本内阁总理电抗趋向为w。 As a result of this series resonance to create a very small series impedance, so it is suitable for applications in the radio frequency circuit of coupling and decoupling circuit. 然而,当电路工作此时率高于串友联谐振此时率时,该电容器将表现为电感性文字是电容性。
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