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Capacitive load conditions

by:Shenmao     2020-12-05
Such as the capacitance and the following load may cause rapid aging or short circuit performance, at the same time may cause fever or producing gas caused by internal pressure rise sharply, leading to pressure valve action and pincer-like device electrolyte leakage, serious when even explode or catch fire. Capacitance damage at the same time may cause internal fuel ( The electrolyte and element fixed materials, etc. ) Splash out. (1) aluminum electrolytic capacitors have polarity polarity. Do not plus inverse voltage or voltage, when not polarity will make the installation, otherwise it may cause a short circuit, or pressure valve damage, etc. Please make sure the polarity mark sign before use. The polarity is not stable, not clear in the circuit, please choose to use a bipolar capacitance, but bipolar capacitance also cannot be applied to ac circuits. (2) applied voltage do not plus overvoltage ( More than the rated voltage of the voltage) 。 Ripple voltage ( A. c. ) With a dc voltage overlapping peaks please use just below the rated voltage. To more than rated voltage surge voltage has a regulation, but the condition is limited, is not used for a long time. (3) ripple current do not use a current ( Rated ripple current is the current) 。 Using excessive current, sometimes will cause internal overheating, shorten the life, the pressure valve action and other damage. Even in the ripple current value allowed range to use, also plus inverse due to low dc bias voltage. Please avoid plus inverse voltage within the scope of use. (4) charging and discharging general capacitor do not use in rapid charge and discharge circuit. If you need the rapid charge and discharge circuit used in capacitive repeatedly, please contact us. (5) open - Close the circuit do not frequently - in one day Open - more than 10000 times Close the circuit used in this product. If need to be used in this circuit, please make sure the circuit conditions, etc. Let us know. 6 in series parallel 【 In parallel connection) Capacitors in parallel connection, the balance between capacitance current, sometimes lead to current flow to part of the capacitance. Please be sure to give full consideration to the wiring method, avoid the over current. 【 In series connection) Capacitor in series connection, sometimes break down voltage balance, cause overvoltage. To avoid damage voltage balance, fully considering the leakage current, resistance to pressure parallel access to the capacitance. All landowners capacitance insulation between the state of the following circuit is completely isolated. · Outer and cathode terminal, the anode terminal and circuit & middot; No connection terminal (self-supporting Strength reinforcing with) And anode terminal, between the cathode terminal and circuit was a capacitance outside casing pipe outside, outside sheet are used for identification purposes, does not guarantee that the electrical insulation function.
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