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Capacitive pressure value explanation - News and information

by:Shenmao     2020-12-01
We often hear capacitance pressure value, the pressure value of electrolytic capacitors? Capacity to withstand the maximum instantaneous voltage between electrodes, pay attention to is the instantaneous value. Pressure value is the nominal value of a design, it shows that this type of capacitor is able to work under the voltage long-term, if must carry on the inspection, on both ends of the capacitor is applied over the value of voltage ( Such as: nominal voltage capacitor on 500 v, 200 v a minutes or a few minutes without discharge or the phenomenon such as crack, shows its under 200 v voltage can work for a long time, the above example assumes that the numerical, image in order to be able to understand the pressure parameter, the specific voltage depends on the manufacturer's standard, can not test them one by one, just sampling inspection) 。 This is the standard practice for testing capacitor, therefore, in use if you don't know the specific pressure value of the capacitor, there was no way to determine the nominal pressure values. However, you can use the method of comparison: measuring the electric capacity of capacitor, and then compare the same capacity with nominal voltage of capacitor size, volume, with the same size pressure value is likely to be the same. It's estimate pressure values. Packaging format might be different due to different manufacturers, the comparison error is bigger, please use carefully, try to reduce the use of voltage, in order to avoid the risk of capacitor blowout. In theory, the capacitance between poles voltage than the withstand voltage value of electric field will because the interelectrode dielectric is too strong and ionizes, capacitance will breakdown, namely capacitance had happened between the poles of the insulation situation of various kinds of crackle. But just to be safe, and considering the same production line above the design specifications of the capacitance of the same constitution will fluctuate the objective fact, that kind of pressure value security parameters are redundant than normal, than but also within the breakdown voltage, apparently it can also be men of courage, but the breakdown, the consequences could be serious. Electrolytic capacitor or with various electrolyte capacitor breakdown directly is a fireworks, because of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrode insulation by electrode surface of a thin layer of the alumina, alumina insulating layer is punctured the capacitance between poles conduction, equivalent to a resistor. In the heating effect of the current, capacitance aluminum shell of the electrolyte temperature could instantly. 。 。 Then aluminum shell don't stay up like uncover been rocked a can of soda, bui. 。 。 。 。 。 Gentle is the electrolyte inside like a pressure cooker pressure release valve directly into steam injection, atmospheric environment around the capacitance was bathed in strong acid atmosphere. For monolithic capacitor dielectric is solid, such as CBB capacitor, it can be very serious consequences may be, the dielectric because these things are generally insulators, insulation breakdown after will go if it is no problem, can't often go to the smoking fire to found the problem. In addition, qualified safety capacitance capacitor failure did not occur after shock and produce the results of the critical safety. Small make up remind you though safety capacitance is on, but also don't go to do some things.
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