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Capacitor capacitive reactance and charge and discharge characteristics

by:Shenmao     2020-11-29
Capacitor capacitive reactance characteristic is very important, circuit designers must understand and apply. Capacitors through alternating current, but in an alternating current capacity under the condition of different frequency, capacitor, capacitor for alternating current (ac) in - Capacitive reactance is different. Capacitive reactance of capacitor in Xc, capacitive reactance Xc size calculated by the following formula, through this formula can be more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the capacitive reactance and frequency, capacity. Xc = 1/2 PI fC type: 2 PI for constant; F the ac signal frequency, the unit (Hertz Hz) ; C for capacitor capacity, unit ( F) 。 Capacitance and release characteristics: when power on the instant he can prevent voltage rise rapidly, after the peak, power it also prevent instantaneous voltage drop. Because capacitance has rushed discharge effect, in alternating current, the capacitive reactance with increase capacity will increase. Eliminate the ripple effect in dc, every direct role in the communication, but communication signal rise as frequency while increasing capacitance of capacitive reactance. Under the same capacity in low frequency capacitive reactance, smaller in the high frequency will increase with increasing frequency and capacitive reactance.
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