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[Capacitor Manufacturers] Comparison between the new factory and the old factory_selection suggestion

by:Shenmao     2021-06-29
There are a lot of capacitor manufacturers in China, and the main types of capacitors are also different. If you discard the products of imported capacitor brand manufacturers, how should domestic capacitor manufacturers choose? Every year, old capacitor manufacturers close down, and there are new capacitors. The manufacturer is born, this article analyzes the capacitor manufacturer should choose the old factory or the new factory from an objective perspective. Generally, capacitor manufacturers can enter the ranks of old factories after operating for more than five years. In the psychological activities of capacitor buyers, they generally prefer to choose old capacitor manufacturers with longer operating years, and the quality will be more guaranteed. In fact, an old factory It can be steadily experienced. It must be that a certain type of capacitor in the main business is better than other capacitor manufacturers in terms of price or performance. If only a certain type of capacitor type has a comparative advantage, then other capacitor types may not necessarily be compared with the one with advantage. Like capacitors, the main reason for the period is that the main capacitor models must be brought to the main market. Suddenly there is an order to produce non-main capacitor models. Although they can be produced, they must be popular in terms of performance. Old manufacturers can have advantages in making every type of capacitor model. This is very rare. Unless the factory has the production line required for each capacitor model and the Ru0026D engineers in the field of each capacitor model, this possibility can be achieved. Sex. So when a new capacitor manufacturer first started to operate, it will be questioned in many aspects, such as whether the quality is reliable, whether the delivery date can be delivered in time, etc. When choosing a new capacitor manufacturer, you can provide what you need to achieve the effect. Most capacitor manufacturers can do the types of capacitors and withstand voltage errors of the capacity. Therefore, new capacitor manufacturers are required to provide samples according to their requirements, such as the performance, use environment, etc., and the other party to provide samples according to this. After receiving the samples, Test again. If you can meet the requirements you provide, you can temporarily choose to cooperate. If these requirements are not met at the beginning, it is recommended to wait for the new manufacturer's Ru0026D capabilities to be further improved and then choose to try again, otherwise the first The Ru0026D requirements of new capacitor manufacturers will not meet the second requirements, and subsequent cooperation will be very unpleasant. Therefore, in the selection of new and old capacitor manufacturers, the old capacitor manufacturer may not be regarded as the only cooperation choice. Similarly, the new capacitor manufacturer cannot rashly choose to cooperate. The old capacitor manufacturer should choose a certain type of capacitor. In this field, you can choose to cooperate directly. If not, you need to consider carefully. New capacitor manufacturers need to refer to many aspects. The most important thing is to refer to the other party’s research and development capabilities, delivery speed, and an after-sales process. If these requirements are not met, you need to consider choosing other capacitor manufacturers
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