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Capacitor microphone how to maintain?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-02

capacitor microphone is not strange to us, in use process will inevitably produce some wear and tear, is also need maintenance, capacitor microphone how to maintain? 1, if your area may season damp is bigger, the seal of the condenser microphone as far as possible to find a spare type box, such as a small shock box. Inside put some moistureproof beads, if desiccant wet, wet through large, open the microphone head cover, check whether there is metal wall wet phenomenon. If receiver metal wall with damp phenomenon, with blowing ram after dry, then access devices electricity test in 10 minutes. 2, prevent rain and dust, rain water is the natural enemy condenser microphone, condenser microphone diaphragm for water will accelerate the corrosion of metal material, and can make short circuit of the internal circuit conductors. Don't jump into the box end, apply ram dry processing before you put in. 3, there is a small detail, that is, when you are using a microphone, suggested that the main use table frame, avoid long time with the hand holding the mic, produce sweat, thereby affect the microphone. 4, prevent fall off, don't mix while paying special attention to wire pull down microphone. The impact may be the cause of capacitor microphone sensitivity to reduce or even damage. 5, if found problems, lock the phone answer the fasteners must not hard lock, err on the side of the condenser microphone with electrical tape directly tied to the microphone stand, also don't cry because it is beautiful to take the risk. 6, avoid hot plug operation, that is to say in condenser microphone or microphone cable has electricity state don't often go to pull out and plug, because of the large voltage fluctuation will not only affect the system, and will reduce the life of a condenser microphone. 7, now on the market most of the capacitor microphone are illusions of power supply, also is the most the microphone cable connection to the mixer to realize the power supply. So you should try to avoid hot plug on the microphone for operation, constantly large voltage fluctuation will greatly reduce the service life of the microphone. So try to connect the microphone before start a track tuning stage, and then open the power supply. If your vacuum tube microphone can be directly connected to the power supply, so to avoid hot plug are equally important. When you connect the microphone mixer, don't open the microphone's power switch. 8, for many of the vacuum tube the microphone, the optimum working condition in a period of time before the preheated. The microphone manufacturers often suggest you use 2, 3 minutes until 15 minutes of time to warm up the microphone. So once you open the microphone, to remain in the work of state until the end of the recording. 9, the correct use of you, sometimes temporary add or replace microphone, picked up the card nong head fiercely and pull plug, easily distorted or the three male foot fracture.
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