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Capacitor outer casing surface particle formation

by:Shenmao     2020-11-27
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor outer casing is generally composed of a PVC material insulating casing. This kind of casing insulating ability can reach more than 10000 ohms, the current domestic manufacturers pressure is no problem, the main problem is the appearance, do not so smooth, often have a few small particles adhere to the above. So how are these small particles formed? Actually the main reason is classified into the following several possible: 1, manufacturers in the process of ingredients with dust and other foreign inflows. 2, in the raw materials into a foreign body in the process of extruding machine hopper inflows. 3, raw material was not fully dispersed, ingredients uneven temperature, condensation caused by raw materials. 4, there is a residual batcher was carbonized material not clean enough. 5, high temperature extruding mould attached by carbonization of raw unprocessed clean inside. The preventive measures, aiming at the above problems is to do: packing in a timely manner to clean up pollutants for raw materials; For the storage of raw materials must pay attention to the dust seal; In front of the raw material feeding to the machine of 5 s; Attention should be paid to put in the order of raw material, ingredient temperature should be evenly; Ingredients to clear in time after residue carbide.
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