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Capacitor return process_Choose a regular capacitor manufacturer with after-sales guarantee | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-01
In the normal capacitor transaction process, various factors have occurred, and there are many cases of returning goods. Some capacitors return smoothly, and some capacitors may be more cumbersome to return. Then face the capacitance caused by different reasons. What is the correct return process for capacitors? 1. Capacitor lack of material causes return reasons. Capacitors are now generally delivered by express or logistics. Then there will be a delivery note to indicate the capacitance and quantity sent this time. When the capacitor is received, generally The courier clerk will always urge the recipient to sign the delivery note and the delivery note. At this time, you must not worry, you must open the box and inspect the goods, and the order can be signed after verifying the quantity. If you sign the order directly, go to the inspection, if the quantity is found to be small However, it is difficult for capacitor manufacturers to judge whether there is really a shortage of goods, which will cause a lot of controversy. If the quantity is found to be low, the best way is to directly reject the goods and ask for return, and let the capacitor manufacturers deal with it! 2. The quality of capacitors causes return reasons. When buying capacitors, try to choose a regular capacitor manufacturer, because after-sales is a great guarantee, both parties will sign a contract every time you buy. If there is a capacitor quality problem, contact the capacitor manufacturer as soon as possible. Clerk, and send the test report of the capacitor to the other party, and mail the damaged capacitor to the other party, asking the other party to give a product quality report within three days. If it is verified, it is indeed a technical omission in the capacitor factory. Then all the capacitors can be returned this time to request a replacement or refund. If they have been installed and put on the market for more than one year, and have a major impact on the company, you need to communicate with the salesman of the capacitor manufacturer on the compensation plan. If the other party does not allow it, it can be solved through judicial means. 3. The reasons for the return of the stock capacitor are sometimes wrong. Sometimes the production plan is wrong, the capacitor cannot be used in time, and the next use time is not confirmed. If it is placed in the warehouse, it is waiting to be scrapped. In case of the situation, you can first contact the other party's capacitor manufacturer, communicate the situation clearly, and ask if the other party can help it digest it. If it is a conventional specification capacitor, it will generally accept this request. If it is a partial specification, it will basically not be accepted. After that, it can be returned to the other party. This transaction requires the ordering party to bear all the shipping costs.
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