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Causes of work errors in metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-05
The characteristics of metal film capacitors are very prominent. The best temperature characteristics and the highest capacity density are the capacitors of choice for high-density assembly. If there is no problem with the conditions of use and product performance, it may cause combustion and explosion once it fails, which can lead to devastating results. Its high reliability is based on strict conditions of use, and at the same time, the product quality must be excellent. The way to avoid the danger lies in the following aspects: First, the best quality products must be selected. If the performance of the metal film capacitor is not good enough, its reliability is not only very low, but also very easy to fail. Therefore, choosing the right and appropriate product is the first condition to ensure reliability. If a poor quality metal film capacitor is installed on the circuit, it is no different from installing a small bomb. If you cannot guarantee that the quality of the product you choose is absolutely excellent, I suggest you do not use metal film capacitors, especially in DC-DC circuits. And high-power charging and discharging circuit. Second, there are no problems in circuit design and product selection, and the performance parameters of metal film capacitors can meet the characteristics of circuit signals. However, often we cannot guarantee that the above two tasks are well done, therefore. In the process of use, there will inevitably be failures of one kind or another. Third, low-impedance circuits use too high voltage to cause failures; for metal film capacitors, there are circuits with resistance protection and low-impedance circuits without resistance protection. For circuits with resistance protection, the resistance will have the effect of stepping down and inhibiting the passage of large currents.
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