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by:Shenmao     2021-07-01
Hello everyone, as a cbb capacitor proofing, I have also learned about the quality differentiation in the supplier industry. For example, the outdated equipment used in small factories has poor capacity accuracy, resulting in neither performance nor poor performance. Or because the master has insufficient experience, the appearance of the capacitor has not been dealt with properly. This is the reason for the poor quality. For the 24.9-year-old cbb capacitor proofing such as Shenmao Capacitor, the company uses new-type processing equipment. The efficiency is also better than other small factories. If you need to make qualified cbb capacitors, you may wish to contact Tuoshenmao. The staff will quote you as soon as possible. In the process of cooperation, you can also experience the selection service for free. Provide you with a certification certificate, and no additional fees will be charged. If you want to visit the site, please contact Shenmao customer service. A special receptionist will accompany you to visit the whole factory.
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