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CBB20 metallized axial capacitor-Shenzhen capacitor strength manufacturer

by:Shenmao     2021-07-08
Introduction to CBB20 Metallized Axial Capacitor:    Product specifications: 1UF 400V (customizable)    Product size: pu003d15(mm)   Product introduction: Metal organic film material, fully sealed structure, good self-healing, small capacitor size, trial Used in DC and pulsating circuits in radios and electronic equipment.    Features and uses:   1. Fully sealed structure.  2. Evaporate the metallized layer on the capacitor paper as an electrode.   3. It has good self-healing characteristics, heat dissipation characteristics, and stable and reliable electrical performance.  4. Used in the DC or pulsating circuit of radio communication equipment or various electronic equipment. Technical and performance indicators:    1. Detailed specification: GB 4875 5-85   2. Ambient temperature: -55-70   3. Allowable deviation of capacitance: +-5%, +-10%, +-2%   4. Loss angle tangent :u003d3000M Europe The company's strength in the production of CBB20 metallized axial capacitor workshop Shenzhen Shenmao Electronics has focused on the development and production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for 36 years, and has a strong technical force and Ru0026D team. The production workshop has advanced equipment, and the corresponding supporting testing equipment is complete. For 36 years, we have been striving for perfection, taking the honor of providing customers with excellent products, and being responsible for every penny of customers.    About cooperation: Our company accepts product customization, and friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit our company for guidance and business negotiation.
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