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Ceramic capacitor why the noise happens?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-17
With the wide application of modern electronic products, science and technology, the demand for components is becoming more and more big, the ceramic capacitor as indispensable components, one of the high power high voltage electronic products require it to be small, high pressure and frequency characteristic is good wait for a characteristic, the following is to give everyone read once a production principle of the ceramic capacitor, and why the noise happens! Principle: the production of ceramic capacitors with high dielectric constant of a titanium oxide barium titanate ceramic capacitor squeezed into a circular tube, the wafer or disk as a medium, and burn infiltration method will be the silver plating on ceramic as electrode is made. It is divided into high frequency porcelain medium and low frequency dielectric. Has a small positive temperature coefficient of capacitance of the capacitor, used in high stable oscillator circuit, as circuit capacitors and padding capacitor. Low-frequency ceramic capacitor is limited to the working frequency low loop for beside the road or separated dc, or low requirements for stability and loss of occasions ( Including high frequency) 。 This kind of capacitor is unfavorable use in pulse circuit, because they are easy to be pulse voltage breakdown. Ceramic capacitor of the noise phenomenon: as people on the use frequency of electronic equipment is more and more big, on some electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other applications of the power circuit, previously neglected a capacitor vibration noise problem of the products has become the developers need to consider a problem. Ceramic capacitor is also known as porcelain capacitor or monolithic capacitors. As the name implies, is porcelain capacitor dielectric materials for ceramic capacitors. Traditional ceramic capacitor is better than traditional ceramic material with low dielectric constant materials and can reduce the type of capacitor distortion, and tilted in the terminal board and other parts of the circuit board install ceramic capacitor and transfer to suppress vibration of circuit board and a metal terminal, the type of the capacitor by the human ear to confirm the noise level in 0 hz ~ 12. 75 KHZ frequency range, through the use of the software in a computer will adjust the frequency of the rectangular wave on the resonance frequencies of the capacitor and circuit board, to produce the noise, the noise principle.
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