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by:Shenmao     2021-04-10
The market of metal film capacitor manufacturers has been squeezed by ceramic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In addition to their higher prices, market competition is fierce. However, due to its stable and durable characteristics, it has always occupied a part of the capacitor market. Especially last year, the overall market situation was very good. The global demand for metal film capacitors increased by 5-15%, and counterfeit and inferior products came into being. 'Some illegal businesses are enjoying the 'sickness' that this brings. Since the profit margin of metal film capacitor manufacturers is higher than that of other low-profit products such as resistors and capacitors, although their market share is not as large as other capacitor products, the market still attracts the attention of many unscrupulous merchants. Came in. The price of fake and shoddy metal film capacitors is at least 30% higher than the price of original tantalum capacitors. This is a conservative estimate. Some unscrupulous merchants simply use fake and shoddy products to sell authentic products! On the other hand, some small and medium-sized manufacturers are very fond of fake and inferior tantalum capacitor products in order to save costs.   In view of the current situation of metal film capacitor manufacturers raging in the market with counterfeit and inferior products, purchasers need to pay more attention to identification when purchasing. Various indicators of the original tantalum capacitor products will be marked, including parameters such as withstand voltage and temperature range. In terms of capacity, a capacitor with a larger capacity will have higher stability than a capacitor with a smaller capacity. At present, counterfeit and inferior metal film capacitors like to make tricks on the capacity, and it is recommended to pay special attention to them. Choosing the right Shenmao means choosing the right quality.
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