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Class: What is a high-voltage ceramic capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-17
Introduction High-voltage ceramic chip capacitors are capacitors that use ceramic materials as their dielectric. One of the main characteristics of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is the high withstand voltage, 2KV, 3KV voltage is very common. It is often used in high pressure occasions. Ceramics are divided into type I porcelain, type II porcelain, and type III porcelain. I type porcelain, NP0, has good temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics and voltage characteristics. Because the dielectric constant is not high, the capacity is not large; II type porcelain, X7R Secondly, temperature characteristics and voltage characteristics are better; Class III porcelain has a high dielectric constant, so the capacity can be large, but the temperature characteristics and voltage characteristics are not good. Ceramic chip capacitors are generally small. In addition, another important feature is emphasized: After a ceramic dielectric capacitor is broken down, it is often in a short circuit state. (This is its weakness) When the film capacitor fails, it is generally open. Scope of application The typical function of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is to eliminate high-frequency interference. They are widely used in negative ion products, lasers, X-ray machines, control and measurement equipment, high-voltage packages, igniters, generators, transformers, power equipment, voltage doubler modules, Welding machines, electrostatic spraying and other electromechanical equipment that require high voltage and high frequency. Advantages 1. The capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency. 2. The special series structure is suitable for high voltage and extremely long-term working reliability. 3. High current climb rate and suitable for non-inductive structure of large current loop.
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