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Common causes of filter capacitor damage|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-07
There are many reasons for the damage of the filter capacitor, and as long as we thoroughly understand the cause of the failure, we can better take protective measures, so as to reduce and avoid the damage or explosion of the filter capacitor, and the economic benefits of the enterprise can be improved. Get up and take a look. 1. When the filter capacitor is switched on, the current is too large, and the harmonics of the power grid exceed the standard, causing overcurrent, which causes the filter capacitor to overheat, reduce the insulation and even damage it.  2, the filter capacitor is not equipped with a single fuse, or there is a fuse but the fuse characteristics are too poor. When the internal components of the filter capacitor are severely broken down to produce fault current. The fuse cannot be blown in time, and at the same time, effective relay protection measures have not kept up. Overcurrent causes the temperature inside the capacitor to rise sharply, causing the capacitor to burst or explode.  3. When the filter capacitor bank is removed, the reignition overvoltage caused by the reignition of the circuit breaker will cause insulation damage or even breakdown between the capacitors. Some filter capacitor banks do not have any over-voltage protection measures, nor do they have series reactors, especially capacitors that are frequently operated are more likely to cause insulation damage and even cause explosions.   3. The filter capacitor product quality is poor. Oil-paper insulation is not dried and impregnated under strict vacuum. Under long-term working voltage, the residual bubbles inside will produce partial discharge. Partial discharge further leads to insulation damage and aging. The temperature rise will also increase, resulting in electrochemical breakdown of the components and damage to the filter capacitor.
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