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Correction capacitors for metal film capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-04-01
Correction capacitor CL23 is a kind of metal film capacitor. It is a capacitor that corrects and compensates for a certain signal in the circuit. It is used for re-filtering, noise reduction, and low-pulse capacitors. The line surface details the nominal correction capacitor. The calibration capacitor CL23 is a non-inductive structure, and is made of metalized polyester film as the dielectric and electrode. The lead is made of tin-plated copper clad steel wire, and the lead method is straight in the same direction. The inner part is wound with epoxy resin. The core is potted in a plastic shell. It is a small metal film capacitor. Since the correction capacitor has the above structural characteristics and materials, it has many excellent characteristics. The correction capacitor has excellent characteristics such as good size consistency, excellent flame retardant performance, good self-healing, high reliability, etc., suitable for DC and VHF-level signal DC blocking, bypass and coupling, and widely used in filtering and noise reduction , In the low pulse circuit. The correction capacitor is a very good metal film capacitor. For more details, please contact 0755-85274135
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