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Electrolytic capacitor charging pile selection?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-23
As countries vigorously promote new energy cars, taxis, buses and cars are successively introduced a pure electric models, the potential market demand is charging pile are also increasing, public charging stations, indoor charging stations, personal garage charging stations are needed charging pile. So manufacturers in the selection of electrolytic capacitor production charging pile need to pay attention to? How to choose a suitable charging pile electrolytic capacitor manufacturers? A charge on the market at present commonly used pile are generally use the horn of electrolytic capacitor, because the horns electrolytic capacitor has excellent high frequency, long life, high reliability, high ripple current charging pile essential features, such as 450 v, 500 v, 550 v in the three basic distribution voltage range. Or you can choose according to your situation of charging pressure of pile suitable rated voltage, and so on in the selection of the above is more extensive, but because of capacitance and evil people mixed up in the market, the general Suggestions of choosing a electrolytic capacitor manufacturers of brand product quality is stable. 2 on the select capacitance should pay attention to these few points: 1. Good low temperature performance, due to the charging pile basic it is outdoor, outdoor harsh environment may cause some problems. So the charging capacitor in the power supply module of the must have good properties in low temperature. 2. Small volume, ordinary products are generally larger, but charging pile internal space is limited, so should choose appropriate volume of electrolytic capacitors. 3. Low temperature rise, because charging piles in time after the sun insolates, foreign minister at higher temperature. And capacitor as heating components, so reasonable and effective to reduce the rise of temperature of the capacitor can improve power supply module power charging pile in disguised forms. 4. Capacity, ox horn's initial capacity value relative to average electrolytic capacitor of the initial value, increases the ability of filtering, so as to prolong the life time of the power supply module. 5. High reliability and stability of the power supply module determines the battery pile output accuracy and life, capacitance, which is the core of the power supply module vulnerable devices, its stability is of vital importance to reduce the capacity of capacitor attenuation speed can effectively improve the reliability of capacitance. Choose a suitable capacitance charging pile manufacturer is particularly important as a supplier, manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors charging pile of electrolytic capacitor production quality is reliable, can't improve quality of charging pile capacity for a long time, how the word position in the same industry, as the charging posts an enterprise booth these are all need to consider, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is engaged in the production of electrolytic capacitors for more than ten years, products are widely used, at home and abroad manufacturer brand & other; ShenMao & throughout; , by a great number of electronics manufacturers designated brand capacitance, are looking forward to your join and cooperation.
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