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Electrolytic capacitor energy storage ( Energy storage)

by:Shenmao     2020-12-13
Electrolytic capacitor and the charging circuit after the separation, the capacitor can store energy, thus can be used as a battery, provide power for a short period of time. Capacitors are commonly used in electronic equipment with battery, provide power when replace the battery, avoid storing data disappear because of no electricity. Capacitor is also commonly used in the power supply, can ease the full bridge or half bridge rectifier output. Capacitor can also be used in the condenser pump ( 电荷泵) Circuit, the stored energy to the output voltage is higher than the input voltage. In many electronic equipment and large power system (such as factory), in order to provide signal circuit or a control circuit & other; Clean & throughout; Power supply, often will parallel capacitor and power supply circuit. Such as the sound system will use a number of capacitor removal by the spread of 60 hz signal on the power cord. Capacitors can store the dc power supply, and make the alternating current power supply circuit to produce a bypass of the path. In car audio systems, often use a capacitor to compensate the shortage of the instantaneous output power battery.
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