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Electrolytic capacitor ESL values

by:Shenmao     2020-12-21
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor ESL parasitic series inductance value, its value is relatively stable, does not change with frequency and temperature, the general aluminum electrolytic capacitor, ESL can't more than 100 nh, such as SMT packaging, within the scope of its value in nh 2 ~ 8 nh; Radial instrumentation: 10 nh ~ 30 nh; Spiral ( 螺杆, terminal) :20 nh ~ 50 nh; And the structure of the axial instrumentation, its value can reach 200 nh. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the ESL has three parts: 1) Core inductance, mainly refers to the inductance of the foil, including contact with lead to foil the internal connections between the inductance and multiple core inductance; 2) Lead inductance; 3) The inductance of the metal shell, such as shell and core terminal is not connected, the shell of capacitor inductor no effect; But if use metal case as one of the terminal and earthing, would make the inductance, axial electrolytic capacitor used 220 uf / 100 v ( 08010338). , the shell are connected to the negative terminal receives floor, the inductance is relatively larger. In addition, due to the capacitor is connected to the PCB board, when necessary, also need to consider the stand or fall of capacitance on the board layout of line inductance ( Relative to its own inductance has a much smaller) 。 Usually, if the instrumentation two lead electrolytic capacitor is not directly connected to the power plane, but running through the past, we need to consider the line inductance, generally according to the calculated on the basis of 10 nh/inch. When the aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in high frequency circuit, pulse would then consider the effect of ESL: ESL value is big, the ESR is bigger also, in order to obtain larger capacitance, accordingly must increase the usable floor area of the anode foil. According to the general winding structure, metal foil inductance will increases with the area of the anode foil ( Such as the width of the foil is constant, A, l will be big, l is also increasing, the increase of metal foil resistors also) 。 In all structure, winding inductance type structure, the largest ESR biggest; And the special structure, fold foil type L not only the minimum, the ESR is the smallest.
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