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Electrolytic capacitor leakage current and insulation resistance

by:Shenmao     2020-12-13
When the applied voltage electrolytic capacitor in fear by the current, and calculated according to the current and voltage of the insulation resistance, all have great relationship with a number of factors. Decided to electrolytic capacitor leakage current and the insulation resistance of the most important technological factors are: the anode sheet metal purity, preparation work electrolyte with the reagent, the oxide film formation method and specification, and the working electrolyte composition and viscosity, etc. As well as other types of capacitor, electrolytic capacitor leakage current and electronic insulation, depends on the temperature, the size of the applied voltage, and the time of the warmth from the applied voltage, the planet, and inside the electrolytic capacitor, the dependencies for the latter two factors, compared with other types of capacitor is more apparent. Electrolytic capacitor is different from other media, the base voltage and insulation resistance and leakage current storage after the time, have a great relationship. Due to the leakage current of electrolytic capacitor and insulation resistance and voltage and time has a lot to do, so, to be clear, usually connected to a dc rated voltage 10 minutes later, determine the leakage current value and insulation resistance to represent the characteristics of this kind of capacitor. Although currently used in electrolytic capacitor production is extremely pure materials and reagents, and in terms of forming process and selection of working electrolyte, and due to the long time production experience, obtained the considerable progress, but the electrolytic capacitor is still quite low insulation resistance, insulation resistance compared with other dielectric capacitor, or a lot. In the electrolytic capacitor to the rated working voltage, in the first few seconds, the leakage current decrease rapidly. Leakage current descent velocity decreases gradually over time, but in a few minutes, can still be found that the leakage current in slowly decrease.
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