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Electrolytic capacitor leakage resistance detecting method have?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-04
Electrolytic capacitor electrolyte material for internal storage charges, positive and negative polarity, is the cathode can't meet the otherwise easy to produce capacitor explosion. Electrolytic capacitor refers to the aluminum, tantalum, niobium and titanium metal on the surface after anodic oxidation to generate a thin layer of oxide as the dielectric. Combined with electrolytic capacitor used very widely now, so today ShenMao electrolytic capacitor manufacturers to introduce everyone to electrolytic capacitor leakage resistance detecting method have? And in the process of use should pay attention to matters. The role of an electrolytic capacitor: 1. Dc: insulation block dc through and through communication. 2. Tuning: the related to frequency tuning circuit system, such as mobile phones, radios, televisions. 3. Coupling: for the connection between the two circuits, allows the ac signal through circuit and transmission to the next level. 4. Storage: store electricity, used for must be released. The camera flash light, for example, heating equipment, etc. 5. Filter: this is essential to DIY, the capacitance of the basic on the graphics card is this role. 6. Temperature compensation: in view of the other components of the effects of temperature adaptability is not enough, and compensation, to improve the stability of the circuit. 7. The bypass ( Decoupling) : for some components in parallel to provide low impedance in ac circuit pathways. 8. Timing: capacitor and resistor, determine the time constant of the circuit, t = RC time constant. 9. Rectification: on or off at the predetermined time half closed conductor switch components. Method to detect damage of electrolytic capacitor 2:1: some capacitance damage when discharge, capacitance below the surface of the circuit board and even appearance is a layer of oily be soiled, absolutely can't use the capacitance; Some damage will summon the capacitance and the capacitance can't continue to use. 2 touch: boot after some serious leakage of electrolytic capacitor will be fever, when a finger touch even hot, this kind of capacitor must be replaced. 3 electrolytic capacitor with electrolyte, bake for a long time can make electrolyte dry, cause the capacitance is reduced, so the key to check the radiator and nearby capacitance, high power components as close to it, the greater the likelihood of damage. Three test electrolytic capacitor leakage resistance method: 1. Will choose the suitable range multimeter, red pens and electrolytic capacitor anode, black pens and the electrolytic capacitor anode, at this point, the clock to R to zero in the direction of the swing, swing to a certain extent, and back to the yuan poor direction, until a stop position, referred to in the pointer value is positive leakage resistance of electrolytic capacitor, the greater the positive leakage resistance, shows that the performance of the condenser, the better, leakage current. Red, black pens and switch (the multimeter Red pens and the anode, black pens and connect cathode) , measured again, this time a pointer refers to resistance to reverse leakage resistance of capacitor, this value should be smaller than positive leakage resistance. Such as measured two leakage resistance is small ( Hundreds of thousands of European below) , the electrolytic capacitor performance is poor, cannot use. Detection method of electrolytic capacitor as shown. 1. Electrolytic capacitor criterion of positive and negative electrodes electrolytic capacitor discriminant method of positive and negative electrode is mainly based on the above mentioned method of measuring the leakage resistance. Multimeter is ohm block, according to the capacity of electrolytic capacitor chosen suitable range, with two pens and capacitor of the two pin measured its leakage resistance, and write down the size of the resistance, then put the two pens and measure switch again leakage resistance, compare two measurement of leakage resistance, leakage resistance of small, black pens and the contact is electrolytic capacitor anode. When using a multimeter to test the capacitor should be paid attention to the following three points: (1) whether the capacitor leakage resistance measurements, or short circuit, open circuit measurement, the measurement process should pay attention to the hand cannot touch two leads at the same time. (2) because of the capacitor in the measuring process must have the charge and discharge process, so after the first measurement, must first discharge ( With a multimeter pens and two lead to short circuit switch capacitor) And then a second measurement can be performed. (3) to test the capacitor in the road, have to find out whether the other components affect the measurement result of the circuit, under normal circumstances should not measured by the road.
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