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Electrolytic capacitor reliable application concerns

by:Shenmao     2020-12-14
Reliable application of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is mainly focused on temperature, because the capacitance of the aluminum electrolyte for liquid core fever will cause the electrolyte volatilization, long-term down finally dried up. Aluminum capacitor inside core temperature rise is mainly due to heat dissipation of the ESR, Rp resistance ( Some information will be Rp transform is regarded as part of the ESR) , by contrast, the wastage of the Rp is far less than the loss of the ESR, therefore can ignore the Rp and mainly consider the influence of the ESR. When the capacitor used in pulse ac circuits, such as power frequency rectifier smooth filtering, switching power supply input and output filter, such as the wastage of the ripple current flows through the ESR produce fever will seriously affect the service life of the device, internal temperature rise, because the device working electrolyte evaporation increased, reduce capacitance, tgδ Increase, go down for a long time is the one inducing the inefficiency of capacitance dry. So given the ripple current value of the actual device manual is determined by the ESR, ESR, must allow the ripple current. Generally, electrolyte loss 40%, capacity by 20%; Loss of 90%, capacity by 40%, at this point, the core has been largely dried up and can no longer in use. From the actual application situation, running in high temperature situation of volatile dry small volume ( Small capacity, & lt; 10uF) Aluminum capacitor ( The electrolyte less) Have an impact, In more than 75 ℃ high temperature circumstance, should use less as far as possible small size of aluminum electrolytic capacitor) , and for the large capacity of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, average in most applications, in 10 ~ 20 years of time will not happen failure (dry Most applications: ripple current shall not exceed the rating, the core temperature is not higher than the environment temperature 5 ℃; Environment temperature 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, in addition, still need to pay attention to high temperature and ripple current is too large or the ESR caused by internal core temperature) 。 Due to the large aluminum capacitor ESR and ESL, in use at the time, will affect circuit function reliability, ripple current to flow through the ESR and ESL and produce large ripple voltage. In addition, due to large aluminum capacitor size, in the process of installation, transportation, need to be careful not to touch, extrusion, plunge into capacitance.
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