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Electrolytic capacitor selection of methods and techniques

by:Shenmao     2020-12-17
(1) principle of capacitance choice considering to leave allowance, can not be forced to use, otherwise will cause unnecessary damage. Mainly consider the following: (1) shall be in accordance with the requirements of circuit choose the type of capacitor; (2) the reasonable electric capacity of capacitor and allowable deviation; Choose the working voltage of capacitor should conform to the requirements of the circuit; (4) priority selection of insulation resistance, dielectric loss of small, small leakage current of capacitor; (5) working environment should be based on capacitor capacitor. Routine in diction capacitor in the circuit selects different circuit capacitor type selection for high frequency circuit and dc, generally can choose paper condenser, also can choose low frequency ceramic capacitor. In high frequency circuit, when the electrical performance requirements is high, can choose mica capacitor, high-frequency porcelain capacitor or wear heart ceramic capacitor. For high frequency and low frequency circuits, can choose plastic film capacitors. In the power supply filter, decoupling circuit, generally can choose aluminum electrolytic capacitors. For high reliability, high stability of the circuit, should choose mica capacitors, film capacitors or tantalum electrolytic capacitor. For high voltage circuit, should choose high voltage ceramic capacitor or other types of high voltage capacitor. For a tuned circuit, should choose variable capacitor and trimmer. (2) the choice of different circuit capacitor capacity in low frequency of the coupling and decoupling circuit, general electric capacity of capacitor is not too strict, as long as according to the calculated value selection of larger capacitance can be. In timing circuit, oscillating circuit and tone control circuit, the electric capacity of capacitor more stringent requirements, so choose the nominal value of capacitance should be consistent with the calculation of capacitance value as far as possible or to close as far as possible, try to choose high precision capacitor. In some special circuit, often require very precise capacitance of capacitor, this time should be chosen to allow deviation in & plusmn; 0. ~ ± 1%; 0. Within the scope of 5% high precision capacitor. (3) pressure have higher demand situations of capacitor selection in general, selects the rated voltage of capacitor should be actual working voltage ( 1. 2 to 1. 3) Times. For the poor working environment or high temperature stability of circuit, selects the rating of the capacitor voltage derating use should be considered. Rated voltage of capacitor is generally refers to the dc voltage, to be used in ac circuits, should according to the properties of the capacitor and specifications to choose; To be used in pulse circuits, should according to the ac and dc component sum shall not exceed the rated voltage of capacitor to choose. (4) the environment have the occasion of higher requirements of capacitor selection ( a) Under the condition of high temperature using capacitor should choose high working temperature of condenser. ( b) Working circuit in moist environment, should choose the wet resistance good seal capacitor. ( c) Under the condition of low temperature using capacitor, should choose hardy capacitor. This is especially important for electrolytic capacitor, because ordinary electrolytic capacitor on the condition of low temperature can make electrolyte freezes and failure. ( d) When choosing a capacitor should consider the requirements of the installation site. There are many kinds of, the appearance of capacitor when choose, should according to actual condition to select the shape of the capacitor and the pin size. (5) the general choice of common circuit capacitor ( But want to consider the performance parameters of capacitance is closely related to the use environment condition) ( a) High-frequency bypass: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitors, polyester capacitor. ( b) Low frequency bypass: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor. ( c) Filtering: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, paper capacitor tantalum capacitor, composite paper condenser, liquid. ( d) Tuning: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. ( e) High frequency coupling: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. ( f) Low frequency coupling: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor, solid tantalum capacitors. When welding, reduce the use of high activity, strong acidic flux, with no clean flux, pay attention to the welding conditions.
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