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How to properly Calculate the Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor actual using life span ?

How to properly Calculate the Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor actual using life span ?


Service Life of an Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

【Factors affecting service life】

Environmental factors affecting the service life of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor include temperature.humidity and vibration (environment),as well as electrical factors,applied voltage,ripple current and charging/discharging conditions.In capacitors for mid-to-high-voltage filters, temperature and applied voltage are the most important controlling factors.The estimated service life  may be calculated based on the core temperature of the capacitor and the applied voltage.

【Temperature conditions】

Capacitance change or tangent change for loss angle indicates that the product life has been effected by temperature. Generally, as the ambient temperature(ambient temperature of the capacitor)increases,capacitance decreases and tangent change for loss angle takes place more rapidly.This is mainly because electrolytic solution generates gas due to electrode reaction and diffuses it outside via a sealing rubber.The following expression(1) indicates the relation between the ambient temperature and electric characteristic that changes with time(while the capacitor is used normally according to the rules of serviceability).


L  : Estimated service life in actual use.

Lo : Standard service life when allowable ripple current load or rated voltage is applied at the maximum operating temperature.

To : Maximum core temperature setting when subjected to the maximum allowable ripple load at the maximum operating temperature (settings differ in different series or products. Contact us for details).

T  : Core temperature of the capacitor during actual use.

Therefore,the lower the core temperature of the capacitor during actual use, the longer the estimated service life is.The core temperature of a capacitor may be lowered by lowering either the ambient temperature or the load current (operating conditions),or by either boosting capacitance or lowering internal resistance. Some capacitors feature a radiating structure to lower the core temperature. Consult us for the selection of capacitors. When multiple capacitors are connected in parallel,check the core temperature in each capacitors and the balance of the tatal series resistance to each capacitors. If capacitors are used at high frequency, the circuit resistance is especially need to considered. The estimating service life is needed to calculated from the maximum core temperature.

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