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Intelligent functions of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-31
With the rapid development and wide application of microelectronics technology, digital control technology, communication and network technology, metal film capacitors have made great progress in smart electrical appliances. Intelligence, integration, networking, high reliability, availability, maintainability, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety have become the mainstream of the development of smart appliances. Adopting a modular structure design, the components include: high-quality capacitors, intelligent measurement and control modules, switching switch modules, line protection modules, and man-machine interface modules. Provide solutions for improving the power factor of power supply and increasing the efficiency of the power grid. The intelligentization of metal film capacitors is mainly used for reactive power (or power factor) compensation of low-voltage power supply, so as to reduce power loss, increase the utilization rate of power supply equipment, and improve the voltage quality of power supply to a certain extent. When metal film capacitors are used as reactive power compensation, they generally consist of several low-voltage metal film capacitors, AC contactors, fuses, etc., and an intelligent controller to form a low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device to work. This kind of low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device is suitable for centralized reactive power compensation for large-capacity users, but is not suitable for large and scattered small-scale rural users. Metal film capacitors can directly perform low-voltage reactive power automatic compensation, install them next to electrical equipment to realize reactive power automatic compensation on-site, or install them in existing power distribution cabinets, inside the distribution box, and the bottom of the metering cabinet. For some distribution transformers Small users and new village power distribution, etc. automatically compensate for reactive power, with strong functions, easy installation and use, and low investment.
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