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Introduction of farah capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-23

with the development of economy and the progress of the society, people puts forward higher and higher requirements of farah capacitor, I explain the content of the farad capacitor for you today, the following content mainly analyses the characteristics of farad capacitor and the classification of the main parameters of farad capacitor. Farah capacitor is super capacitor. Farah capacitor has a capacity of capacitor is much larger than usual. Because of its capacity is large, external performance and the battery is the same, so there are called 'capacity battery'. Farah capacitor belongs to the electric double layer capacitors, it is the world of the electric double layer capacitor production capacity is one of the biggest, its basic principle and other kinds of electric double layer capacitors, is activated carbon by using porous electrodes and the electrolyte of electric double layer structure for large capacity. The characteristics of the farad capacitor ( 1) Fast charging and charge to 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity; ( 2) Circulation service life is long, the depth of the charge and discharge cycle times can reach 1 ~ 500000 times, there is no 'memory effect'; ( 3) Large current discharge capacity, high energy conversion efficiency, process losses small, large current energy cycle efficiency of 90% or more; ( 4) High power density, which may reach 300 w/w/KG to 5000 KG, the equivalent of 5 ~ 10 times of the battery; ( 5) Product raw material, production, use, storage and process are no pollution, is an ideal green environmental protection power source; ( 6) Charge and discharge circuit is simple, without charging battery charging circuit, high safety coefficient, the long-term use of free maintenance; ( 7) Good cryogenic properties, wide temperature range 40℃~+70℃; ( 8) Convenient detection, remaining power can be read directly; ( 9) Capacity is usually range is 0. 1 f - - 1000 f。 Farah capacitor main parameters of 1, the nominal capacitance ( CR) : mark the capacitance value of capacitor products. Mica and ceramic capacitor of low capacitance ( About 5000 pf the following) ; Some paper, plastic and ceramic dielectric capacitance center (in the form of About 0005 mu F10 u F) ; Usually electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of larger. This is a rough classification. 2, category temperature range: capacitor design determine can continuous working temperature range, the temperature limit range depends on its corresponding categories, such as ceiling type rated temperature (temperature, the temperature of the lower classes, Can apply continuous rated voltage of the maximum temperature) And so on. 3, the rated voltage ( UR) : in the lower limit of category and rated temperature between any of the temperature, can apply for the biggest dc voltage on the capacitor or the effective value of ac voltage or pulse voltage peak. Capacitor used in high-pressure situations, must pay attention to the influence of corona. Corona is due to the gap exists between the dielectric/electrode layer, it besides spurious signals can result in damage to equipment, it can also cause a capacitor dielectric breakdown. Under the condition of communication or pulse, corona particularly prone to occur. For all of the capacitor, in use should ensure that the sum of dc voltage and ac peak voltage does not exceed the dc voltage rating. 4, loss tangent ( tanδ) : under prescribed frequency sine voltage, the capacitor loss power divided by the capacitor reactive power. In practical applications, the capacitor is not a pure capacitance, the internal and the equivalent resistance. To express the relationship with the type: tan delta = Rs/Xc = 2 PI f * c * Rs as a result, this parameter should be paid attention to in the application of choice, avoid its excessive heat, in order to reduce equipment failure. 5, the temperature of the capacitor characteristics: usually in 20 ℃ electric capacity and the temperature of the base temperature of electric capacity percentage said. To sum up, through this article 'the basic knowledge of farad capacitor' learning, we should be able to: illustrate the characteristics of the farad capacitor; Discussion on main parameters of farah capacitor, and know the farad capacitor is super capacitor, hope the deepen understanding to all of you have to help.
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