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Introduction to the professional difference between solid capacitors and audio capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-14
Capacitors, because of different structures and different materials, have become diverse, and there are big differences in electrical properties, structures, and uses. These differences are still attributed to the problem of the medium we use. Capacitors are currently used in many fields. From the perspective of audio circuits, audio capacitors should be regarded as a general term. In audio equipment, there are certain differences in the general types of capacitors and their different functions. For a long time, the source of the problem that affects the sound quality has not been discovered. The external amplification has always been considered to be the reason for the bad sound of the song. In fact, it is not the case. The audio capacitor itself also has a certain impact on the sound quality. All capacitors hope to achieve a relatively ideal state. Except for the capacitance of the capacitor, the parameter ESR can be considered as a good capacitor after removing the parameter ESR. Fever capacitors are relatively hot at present. The service life of general audio capacitors is more than 20 years in the middle and upper class. The RIFA PEG124 long-life fever capacitors produced in Sweden should be more popular, as evidenced by several different highlights. , How much influence does the capacitance have on the sound quality of our listening sound. The sound is beautiful, mainly suitable for the display of different sound ranges, almost in an impeccable state, and there is no noise after the sound is amplified, and the details are also in place while the sound is in place. The sound field is played. The effect is very satisfying. From the perspective of solid capacitors, both stability and lifetime have obvious advantages, but the shortcomings have been revealed one by one. Solid capacitors do have great advantages in terms of equivalent series, compared with traditional electrolytic capacitors. More excellent performance, solid capacitors are not as good as electrolytic capacitors at low frequencies. As a professional audio capacitor, if the best sound quality is not obtained in the part that involves sound effects, it is likely to be inferior to other capacitors. a lot of. In terms of sound effects alone, electrolytic capacitors in audio capacitors have a much better sound quality processing effect. Although solid capacitors have a service life of up to 50 years, if the sound quality is really compared with the age, electrolytic capacitors should It is more popular. Of course, I have to say that different fields have a certain degree of selectivity for the use of capacitors, and audio capacitors are only limited to situations where sound quality is required.
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