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Is the capacity of the capacitor related to the voltage? | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-09
Capacitors are commonly used components in electronic equipment, and different capacitors also play different roles in electronic circuits, which is very important to us. Many friends who don't know the characteristics of capacitors will have a question whether the capacity of the capacitor is related to the voltage. This article will tell you the answer, follow the editor to find it! Generally, the dielectric constant of the insulating material between the plates used in the capacitor is a fixed value, so the capacity of the capacitor has nothing to do with the voltage applied across the plates. When the voltage across the capacitor changes, the amount of electricity in the capacitor changes accordingly. Q/U is a constant and its capacitance; but for piezoelectric ceramic materials, because its dielectric constant is related to the voltage applied to it, a capacitor made of this type of material as a dielectric has two poles When different voltages are applied between the boards, since the dielectric constant changes with the voltage, the capacity changes accordingly. This type of capacitor is a 'varistor capacitor'. For example, in FM broadcasting, this type of capacitor is often used to change the signal from the voltage level. The reflection change is reflected by the frequency change (frequency modulation), because the capacitance change caused by the voltage change directly changes the frequency of the oscillating circuit, thereby completing the frequency modulation process; the varistor made of semiconductor material, when the applied voltage changes, the junction between the two poles Capacitor due to the migration of electrons in the material with the voltage change, which is equivalent to the structural change between the capacitor plates, which causes the capacitance change. It is also a device that uses the characteristics of its capacitance changing with the applied voltage.
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