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Metal film capacitors you don't know | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-20
Metallized film capacitors refer to metallized film capacitors formed by rolling or stacking double-sided metallized polypropylene film and non-metallized polypropylene film. What we usually call metal film capacitors can actually be divided into two categories according to the material: metalized polyester film capacitors and metalized polypropylene film capacitors. Speaking of metallized film capacitors because of their small size, light weight, high voltage resistance, easy installation and generally long life, metallized film capacitors are also widely used and commonly found in small electrical appliances in our daily lives. : Hair dryers, electric water heaters, soymilk machines, induction cookers, coffee machines, blenders, chargers, led lights, repeaters, all kinds of chargers, energy-saving power supplies and other electronic products. It can be said that although metallized film capacitors are not easily visible in our lives, they are present in all aspects of our lives and provide great convenience for our lives! Since the application of metallized film capacitors is so extensive, the question of how to identify and evaluate the quality of capacitors has also arisen. Here is how to identify the quality of metallized film capacitors. In fact, the method is very simple, everything Each has its own measurement standard, and the measurement standard of capacitance is to see whether its capacitance value is within the normal error range. For metallized film capacitors, use a high-voltage tester to test its withstand voltage and an lcr machine to test its capacitance. A qualified capacitor can stand the test, and it will use the data to speak.
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