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ShenMao school: using the capacitance to reduce noise

by:Shenmao     2020-10-23
Noise points are various, a variety of nature. So the countermeasures of noise ( The noise reduction methods) Varied also. 主要在反反复复要谈开关电源相关的杂讯,因此,即理解为dc电压中电压电平较低,此时率较高杂讯。 In addition, in addition to the capacitance, and zener diodes and noise/surge/ESD suppressor noise components. Different noise properties, needed for noise reduction components are different. If it is a DC/DC converters, most will according to the circuit and voltage level, using the LCR to reduce noise. 【 Use the capacitor to reduce noise map 】 Below is by adding a capacitor to reduce the DC/DC converter output voltage noise of the sample. 上面的波形是出口端lc滤波器的电容为22µf时,在约200 mhz此时率范围存在180 mvp- Noise (about p 振铃,反射) 。 The waveform is below in order to reduce the noise and added 2200 pf capacitor after the results. Can be seen from the waveform figure, add 2200 pf capacitor make noise is reduced by about 100 mv. 问:无端应该思考的是“什麽是2200 pf”。 Below for the added capacitor impedance frequency characteristic. Answer: choose 2200 pf capacitor, because the impedance lowest near 160 MHZ, using the impedance characteristics, can reduce the amplitude of noise about 2 MHZ. This is by adding a capacitor to reduce the target noise frequency impedance, thus reducing the amplitude of the noise. Like this by adding a capacitor to reduce noise, noise (need to grasp 振铃,反射) 此时率,水平选择模具相应阻抗始创性此时率特性电容器。 Key points: ・ by reducing the target noise frequency impedance to reduce noise. ·降噪用电容器性选举型需求根据阻抗此时率特性进行( Rather than let value) 。
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