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SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor coupling effect is such!

by:Shenmao     2020-10-16

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor coupling effect so! ! ! SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the role of the coupling of ac signal level to the next level. Laser cutting machine coupling method and direct coupling and transformer coupling method. Direct coupling efficiency is highest, the signal without distortion, however, two levels before and after the adjustment of the working point is more complex, each other. In order to make the working point of one class from the first level, the influence of the needs in terms of dc to separate level before and after level, at the same time, also can make the ac signal level smooth transfer from the former to the latter level, at the same time, the method can accomplish the task is to use capacitance transmission or transformer to achieve. They can pass partition dc, ac signal and mechanical panel make level before and after the working point of each other is not affected. But the difference is that use the CBB capacitance transmission, signal phase to delay some of transformer transmission, the signal of high frequency component to lose some.
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