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SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor using the matters needing attention News and information

by:Shenmao     2020-10-15
SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a kind of electrolytic capacitors, because of its installation method is different from general plug-in capacitance, can be installed through the placement machine automation, can greatly improve the industrial capacity, suitable for modern industrial development. Today we speak about the use of the patch capacitor need attention. 1. The working voltage of capacitor is lower than the rated voltage, use shall not exceed the rated voltage. 2. Patch capacitor can replace the small voltage large voltage. 3. Should reasonably choose capacitor precision and material. 4. The market size code for chip capacitor has a capacity of 0805 specifications ( Series) Relatively complete, and some 0603 capacity may be out of stock. In the production batch is not very big, in order to prevent the market out of stock and affect production, can be welding plate slightly outspread, make it can apply to 0603 and 0805, avoid caused production due to missing parts. 5. Chip multilayer ceramic capacitors are package, type on the reel, and without any mark on the capacitor. Although you can know its capacity with measuring method, but it is difficult to the difference between categories of precision grade material. Therefore in the process of using, especially when the manual assembly must be careful. 6. Open type padder cannot use wave soldering, wave soldering and enclosed sheet padder available 7. The multilayer structure widely used chip capacitor, when use some people use soldering iron manual welding, the need to pay attention to the welding speed, to avoid overheating, causing the base end due to the difference in temperature big fracture, decreased capacity. 8. Chip capacitor using the ceramic substrate, thin and brittle. Some circuit board thinner, when installation will stress non-uniform deformation, it is easy to cause broken capacitor.
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