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SMT inductance and winding inductance

by:Shenmao     2021-01-04
SMT inductance are wire wound and stacked patch inductance: 1, SMT high power inductor. 2, has the miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and the characteristic of low resistance. 3, mainly used in the computer display card, notebook computers, pulse memory program design, as well as the DC - DC converter. 4, can provide automatic SMT reel packaging is suitable for the surface. Features: 1, the flat surface is suitable for SMT. 2, the superior transverse strength good soldering. 3, with high Q value, low impedance characteristic. 4, low leakage, low resistance, resistance to high current characteristics. 5, can provide braid packaging to facilitate automatic assembly winding inductance: features: 1, suitable for the power supply circuit. 2, the types of surface adhesion. 3, appearance and size in accordance with the EIA standard, different sizes are available. 4, good soldering resistance and heat resistance, suitable for general welding and welding. Should use: the product is widely used in miniature TV, LCD TV, cameras, portable VRC, car audio, radio, TV tuner, thin cell phones, etc.
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