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Understand the working principle of capacitors in seconds

by:Shenmao     2021-04-24
If a circuit is compared to a road, the movement of electric charge is like the flow of traffic. In the case of uneven roads, the speed of the car will slow down but it will still move towards the destination. In the circuit, impedance generates heat and energy consumption (joule electricity). The power supply is a device with E[V] potential difference connected at both ends. This is the same reason that a car uses an elevator to automatically move to a position with a height of t[m]. So what is a capacitor? Let's talk about the situation when the capacitor is installed in the power supply. Capacitors can store charge. If you compare a circuit to a road, the capacitor is like a parking lot. The positive and negative ends of the circuit must have the same amount of charge stored. The standard for how much charge a capacitor can store is called the capacitance value, and the capacitance value is shown in equation (1). It can be seen from the formula (1) that the electrode area S is enlarged, the distance between the electrodes is shortened, and the capacitance value can be increased by using a material with a high dielectric constant. The unit of capacitance is F (Farad) in the SI unit system. When a voltage of 1V (potential difference) is applied to a certain conductor and a charge of 1C (coulomb) is stored, the capacitance value is 1F. The charge stored in the capacitor flows to the load current when the switch S1 is OFF and S2 is ON. According to the state of the capacitor, a stable electric lamp emits light when the power supply voltage is unstable. Capacitors cannot be energized with direct current. If they are repeatedly charged and discharged, charging current and discharging current will flow repeatedly in the capacitor. This phenomenon can be observed through the appearance of the capacitor whether the current flows through the capacitor. Because of these characteristics, many capacitors are used in the circuit. It is necessary to choose suitable products to suit its purpose. Here are 10 moving pictures to demonstrate the working principle of capacitance and capacitance sensor: 1. Capacitor charging and discharging experiment 2. Capacitor working principle 3. Capacitor filter circuit working principle 4. Capacitance level gauge 5. Capacitance microphone working principle 6. Principle of Capacitive Level Gauge 7, Principle of Capacitance Sensor 8, Principle of Capacitive Headphone 9, Principle of Humidity Sensitive Capacitor, Principle of Capacitance Accelerometer
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