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USB type fast charging source for long life ShenMao brand aluminum electrolytic capacitor is introduced

by:Shenmao     2020-12-28
USB fast charging source special aluminum electrolytic capacitor is introduced the current mainstream USB fast charging source is the two main problems facing the high power consumption and low output, according to the two main problem, ShenMaoKe, sheng designed and developed fast charging source special aluminum electrolytic capacitor, solve the problems existing in the current fast charging source, realize the fast charging source & other Low power consumption & throughout; And & other Low voltage, high current & throughout; 。 One, in order to achieve fast charge source & other; Low power consumption & throughout; The goal of ShenMao electrolytic capacitor design characteristics are as follows: 1. Electrolytic capacitor used is not easy to automatic heating materials and thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, the internal structure of the capacitor itself low power consumption; 2. Many low load design for power supply requirement, fast charging source special aluminum electrolytic capacitor with low voltage capacitance, high capacity to reduce load, reducing wear and tear; 3. Low capacitance impedance, in order to ensure the input current, capacitance with low resistance design, in order to reduce unnecessary losses, increase input, reduce the loss. Second, ShenMao fast charging source special electrolytic capacitor to realize fast charging source & other; Low voltage, high current & throughout; The specific role: 1. Electrolytic capacitor steady and fast charging current, ensure quick recharge source of quick discharge, 2. Limit the charging current when discharge rapidly, protection under the condition of large current charging insert USB charging, caused by reverse current into the USB port; 3. Can auxiliary to cut off the charging in time for the system doesn't work; 4. Can achieve lift pressure, low voltage high current, rapidly improve the charging efficiency and charging faster. Three, electrolytic capacitor for ShenMao fast charging source characteristics: small size, suitable for fast charging source characteristics of small volume; Long life: than ordinary electrolytic use fixed number of year, longer guarantee fast recharge source of life; High temperature resistant: using high quality materials, produce less heat, low power consumption; Resistance to high frequency large ripple current, stable output current; Low impedance: low voltage high current fast charge; ShenMao fast charging source special electrolytic capacitor series is designed for USB fast charge power research and development design, suitable for use requirements and characteristics of fast charging source, greatly reduce the power consumption of the fast charging source, better realize the fast charging & other; Low voltage, high current & throughout; 。
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