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Use the right polyester yellow horizontal capacitors, good sound quality and energy saving | Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-19
As we all know, the most important thing to judge the quality of an audio equipment is to look at the quality of the audio equipment's amplifier equipment. In the field of audio equipment amplifiers, large electrolytic capacitors almost take up most of the volume in the machine. The polyester yellow horizontal capacitors played a more important role. If the audio equipment is a singer, then the capacitor is the singer's throat, and the polyester yellow horizontal capacitor is the vocal cord. Choosing the right horizontal capacitor not only directly affects the quality of our enjoyment of music, it is also related to the safety of electricity consumption and the conservation and environmental protection of our daily lives. Good horizontal capacitors are extremely safe and are not easily affected by various external environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and vibration. Especially temperature has the greatest impact on the life of horizontal capacitors, which will reduce the electrostatic capacity and power consumption. It becomes larger, and even certain high bias currents will cause high heat, and high heat is the most likely reason for the service life of various related parts to be greatly reduced, which directly affects the service life and safety of horizontal capacitors. The high-quality polyester yellow horizontal type is not only small in size, but also a capacitor that is often used in large-capacity capacitors. And the quality is superior, the performance is stable, the power consumption is small, the life is very long, and even the appearance is required. The polyester yellow horizontal type is packaged in a yellow outer skin. The circuit board installed on the inside of the machine shows that Huang Cancan is very beautiful at first glance, which reminds people of the golden-like sound quality and tone. The quality of an audio device is particularly easy to show from its horizontal capacitor. Not only the quality but also the design greatly increases the advanced texture of the equipment itself.
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